200 µm ball tweezer tip with back relief

200 µm ball tweezer tip with back relief

This tweezer tip (gripping jaw) enables to perform ball tests with USB tweezers (Sigma and Classic compatible)



CBP back reliefTweezer tips are the “gripping jaws” which you need for USB tweezers.  In fine pitch solder ball applications (i.e. BGA, et cetera), we offer tweezer tips with back relief to prevent undesirable contact with adjacent solder balls during testing. These tips are incredibly useful if the bumps are very close to each other.

The back relief in the tips ensures that you can align the jaws without hitting the bump or others around it when aligning the tweezer tip to perform a test. These tips are compatible with Sigma and Classic bond testers.

Besides a range of standard tips, we design custom tips to suit many different geometries for multiple applications.



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