Wire hook standard D 75 µm, F 225 µm, L 30 mm, S 0,5 mm (0.02 “)

Wire hook standard D 75 µm, F 225 µm, L 30 mm, S 0,5 mm (0.02 “)

  • Foot diameter 75 µm
  • Foot length 225 µm
  • Hook length 30 mm
  • Shaft diameter 0,5 mm (0.02 inch)
  • Sigma and Classic compatible




You can use hooks for wire or ribbon pull, but they are also usable for any application where a hook is a suitable means of applying the test load.

Standard hooks are made from bent round wire and defined by their foot diameter, foot length, and shaft diameter. Our long hook length of 30 mm enables easy alignment to the test point where other components restrict access to your test site. The hook’s angle is typically 85° to pull the wire into the hook, so it does not slip off. Besides the standard tools, we design custom solutions to fulfill all test requirements.

Which hook do I need?

  • For most applications, the wire hook diameter should be around 3 times the wire diameter or ribbon thickness to reduce stress and to avoid cutting into it.
  • Fine pitch applications require a shorter foot length to prevent pulling multiple wires at once.
  • Applications with larger distances between wires, or wires bonded in irregular patterns, are appropriate for longer foot lengths that provide more tolerance for any variability in wire position in manual and automated testing. Extremely low loop heights (30 μm or less) may require special tooling
  • Make sure you choose the tool which is compatible with your bond tester: Sigma or Classic

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